Automation is increasing all of the time and a large proportion of automated systems use pneumatics as a means of achieving actuated output movement.

FPI have established working links with pneumatic equipment manufacturers to help maintain continuity of supply to users of pneumatic systems and pneumatic automated systems.

We also have the experience to match and source a suitable alternative, if the original component is not available or its price is outside of a budget


Tube and Fittings


FPI can supply both imperial and metric tubing to go with a full range of push-in and compression fittings.



Air prep

FPI have access to all the major manufacturers of pneumatic equipment (Norgren, SMC, Festo, Camozzi, Metalwork, etc.) and can also offer a range of cost-effective high quality equivalents should shorter lead times and price be a budget requirement.


MainteCylindersnance and Service of Pneumatic systems of all sizes and types

  • Initial site assessment by FPI personnel
  • System modification to incorporate test and monitoring points
  • All inclusive schedule visits or on time and material basis
  • Maintenance schedule check list
  • Pre-planned systems monitoring and recording
  • Detailed engineer's report including system settings and recommended remedial work
  • Systems spares recommedations


  • Improved running costs
  • Extended warranties