FPI NorthWest Limited is committed to comply with relevant environmental procedures with regards to waste and waste disposal.

  • Waste minimisation will be achieved through on site monitoring of waste generated and the need to reduce waste wherever possible.
  • We aim to reduce the materials used wherever possible and to re-use or re-cycle materials in order to reduce the use of resources and the need to dispose of solid waste to landfill.
  • FPI will dispose of all waste in a safe and responsible manner and will look to expand the practice of recycling such waste.
  • FPI will look to protect the natural environment by complying with current regulations and impending EC legislation and by minimising all emissions to land, sea and air.
  • FPI staff will regularly review the way in which we generate and dispose of waste, especially whilst on site.
  • In addition to our own waste policy, FPI will also adhere to customers own waste procedures whilst on the customer sites.

Colin Walker,
4th January 2010.